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Companies We Work With

Below are the companies we work with/have worked with since we began in 2003!

Netflix (Ferrari’s taken to Italy for a film)

Dave (The Rapper, Music video)

Emerald Automotive (Benchmarking)

MG (Benchmarking)

Polestar (Benchmarking/Deveolpment)

Shell/Ferrari (TV Advert)

Imperial Tobacco (Employee Incentives)

Senturion Key (Photo shoot with McLaren 570S)

Edelman (Since 2015, we have chauffeured Kimi and Seb from the British Grand Prix F1 to private airports)

Jonny English Movie 2017 (Aventador supplied for filming)

Gordon Murray Design (Benchmarking work for new TVR brand)

Prada (Miu Miu photo shoot with Lamborghini’s)

Disney (Photo shoot) Xeretec (Sales incentive)

Motorfuels Group (Sales incentive)

The Pepper Corporation (Photo shoot)

Great Experience Days (Driving days)

Burton Foods (Client entertaining)

Astra Zeneca (Sales incentive)

Days to Amaze (Driving days)

Brandscape Ltd (Corporate event)

Intersection Magazine (Photo shoot)

Saunier Duval (Driving days)

Barratts (Static display / event)

Daltec Ltd (4×4 event)

Atari UK (Photo shoot)

Keith Prowse (Staff rewards)

Barclays Bank (30 x car event / biggest we have ever done…so far anyway)

Lakeland (Sales incentive)

Incentivise Ltd (2 x 40 guest bespoke track day)

Iveco (Staff reward) Revlon (PR stunt with journalists)

Wrigley / Tesco (Joint marketing promotion)

Hilton Hotel (Static display for internal conference)

Sky Bet (Aston Martin DB6 w/end)

Computacentre (Staff reward)

Mattel UK (Staff reward)

EDS Limited (Staff reward)

American Express (Centurion Rewards)

Quintessentially (Various)

Datapoint Ltd (Client entertaining)

Electronic Arts (Video game development)

Adrian Flux Limited (Corporate event)

EMI Music Publishing (Music producer hire)

Adidas (Photo shoot)

Countrywide Properties (yearly corporate driving days since 2011)

Toshiba (Corporate incentive)

Chivas Brothers Ltd (Corporate incentive winner won an Aston Martin in the South of France)

HSBC (Corporate reward)

Transcom (Staff incentive)

Barclays Corporate Group (various work over many years)

SAS UK (Corporate incentive)

ELS Action Vehicles (film work since 2010)

TLO Films (film work since 2012)

Unipart Automotive (Company raffle)

Superstars (various work since 2012 inc 200mph club event)

Kilpatrick PR (PR event) Visit Britain (Filming)

PWC (various work over many years)

More Magazine (photo shoot with TOWIE actors)

MOS Films Ltd (various Youtube music videos)

UBS (Staff reward)

Dunlop Tyres (PR / Joint promotion with Top Gear Magazine)

Action 99 Cars Ltd (Film work)

CNBC (Filming)

Pandora Events (Corporate driving days)

Tantrum Productions (Filming work)

Neville McCarthy Associates (8 x Ferrari Chauffeured event)

Santander (Corporate driving day) ITV (TV / Film work)

Castrol (Driving event)

Thames Motor Group (Staff reward)

CISCO (Sales incentive)

Specsavers (Staff reward)

Microsoft (Corporate driving event)

Uber (PR stunt with BBC Top Gear 32 cars)

Bentley (Benchmarking)

Jaguar / Land Rover (Benchmarking)

McLaren (Test day / Benchmarking)

Sony (Sound recording / test day)

Nike (bluetooth campaign on Oxford St)

BBC Watchdog (Filming) Sky (Filming)

BBC Top Gear (Filming work – best days ever)

5th Gear (Filming Vicky thrashing our Ferrari round a go kart track)

Oasis Band (Music Video)

HTC Mobile (TV Advert)

Bond Movies (Film)

Eastenders (TV)

Gordon Ramsey / Jamie Oliver (Channel 4 Food programme)

Rebecca Adlington (Surprise for her father)

Simon Cowell (special occasion)

Mark Foster (long term client)

Gary Neville (family hire)

Michael Acton Smith (long term client)

Vinnie Jones (cars whilst back in UK)

Zane Scotland (Pro golfer’s wedding)

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