Great Escapes – Hire a Supercar for a European Adventure

Have you ever dreamt of heading out for days on end on the open road? Why not do as one client recently did and head to discover the roads of Europe in your dream car? Simply hire a supercar in the UK and head onto the continent to experience some of the most breath-taking views, incredible roads and, in the words of our happy customer, ‘live the dream!’ Here are a few ideas for those of you now considering a road trip in Europe.

aston martin rental in the alps

1. South East France
Monaco is one of the supercar capitals of the world and fortunately, there is a road just North of the principality, which offers the cars some space to explore. As you head away from the stunning coastal roads and towards the natural parks that surround Monaco, the roads snake and take you towards the clouds, whilst offering a view of the vast Mediterranean Sea from above. Alternatively, head a little further north before winter arrives and into the Alps to discover twisting mountain roads, incredible lakes and a landscape that really lends itself to driving in a supercar. An Aston Martin hire will really help you tackle the mountain roads in a style that James Bond himself would be proud of.

2. The Castle Road in Germany
If you would like to try move away from the mountains towards a more leisurely driving holiday in your supercar rental of choice, perhaps nowhere is more appropriate than a 625-mile stretch of open road named, ‘Castle Road’ in Southern Germany and the Czech Republic. Whilst it is quite a drive to get to, the road, as is suggested in its name, is definitely one for the historians. With over 70 castles, historic ruins and medieval villages to view over the course of the road, there are plenty of places to park up and admire. The road starts in Mannheim and ends in Prague, which is not a bad place to have a few days rest before heading back to the UK!

3. Silvrettastrasse-Vorarlberg, Austria
Another mountain road to get stuck into, the Silvrettastrasse-Vorarlberg is a 30-kilometre stretch of outrageous bends, beautiful forests and fresh tarmac to discover. There are fairly steep ascents and long sweeping descents with views of lakes and waterfalls. It is worth a few pit stops to admire the view and with so much incredible scenery to appreciate, you may find yourself driving this particular stretch of road a few times. One thing to take into account from several people who have driven the road, there are a lot of coaches travelling with tourists in the summer months and they tend to take the bends wide.

ferrari 458 hire uk

4. The UK
Whilst not on the continent, the UK is still in Europe and offers a number of amazing roads to drive for pleasure. Hiring one of our luxury cars, such as the Bentley Continental GT or Rolls Royce and discovering roads such as Buttertubs Pass in Yorkshire, the Cat ‘n’ Fiddle in the Peak District or the A272 in the South Downs makes for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your husband or wife. Enjoy the open roads and stay in a boutique hotel to ensure that perfect anniversary or birthday weekend.

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