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Koenigsegg is synonymous with innovation. Driven by the desire to push the boundaries of precision and build the perfect supercar, Christian Koenigsegg founded his company in 1994, and over two decades of Swedish engineering excellence later, Koenigsegg cars are masterpieces of power and design.

Rent a Koenigsegg

When you rent a Koenigsegg, you are choosing precision. As a young force on the automotive market, Koenigsegg still operates out of a small factory in Sweden, where every car gets tested to ensure highest standards. Where other marques’ strengths lie in market dominance and ubiquity, Koenigsegg bases its success in the absolute perfection of each car produced, and the results are beautiful, innovative vehicles of true luxury.
The secret to Koenigsegg’s success lies in its bold strive for innovation. Not afraid to kick tradition to the kerb, Koenigsegg uses never-before-seen technology and design. When you rent a Koenigsegg, you will discover that every detail serves a purpose: to achieve the highest performance possible.
From the innovative Freevalve that removes the camshafts from the combustion engine, to the six coats of paint, everything strives for perfection and ensures that driving a Koenigsegg is truly a Supercar Experience of the highest luxury.

Koenigsegg Hire

Koenigsegg cars are both track-ready and driveable on the road. Light and agile, they boast an incredible power-to-weight ratio that lies at the heart of their extraordinary driving feel. Every Koenigsegg model is crash-tested extensively to ensure that world standards in road safety are met or exceeded. The best technology comes together with the finest materials, to make Koenigsegg cars into exclusive pieces of art that are as beautiful to look at as they are to handle on the road.
Koenigsegg hire takes a big part of its appeal in its scarcity. In the true fashion of a luxury manufacturer, only a limited number of units are built of each Koenigsegg model. Supercar Experiences offers the Koenigsegg CCR for hire, one of only 14 units in existence. The CCR debuted in 2004 as the fastest production car in the world, setting the speed record of 395 km/h (245 mph) on Italy’s Nardò Ring. An elegant combination of superior performance and world class design, this supercar is every connoisseur’s dream.
Rent a Koenigsegg from Supercar Experiences and discover the driving feel of a supercar that pushes boundaries. Get in touch today and find out more about Koenigsegg hire, and let us provide you with the driving experience of a lifetime.

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