Top Five Reasons to Rent a Supercar

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At Supercar Experiences, clients come to us looking for a luxury car hire for various different reasons. Read on to discover five of the most common motives we hear.

1. For a Special Event:
What better way is there to arrive on your wedding day than with a UK Lamborghini rental? Or imagine celebrating your 50th birthday behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Supercars are a passion for so many people, so it is unsurprising that they make an already special occasion that extra bit special. Other special events vary from making a good impression on a first date, to looking successful at a school or university reunion. Some teenagers are now even renting luxury cars (with chauffeur) to take their dates out to their high-school prom. Arriving to any event in one of the Supercar Experiences UK Bentley rental options will most likely turn a few heads.

2. For Advertising:
Do you have a product that needs an extra sales boost? Everything looks better with a supercar in the background. Supercar Experiences has been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, including; Nike, Microsoft and Disney UK, who all used a supercar as part of a marketing campaign to attract more customers.

3. As a Reward:
Supercar Experiences has worked with many clients looking to motivate their workforce by offering them a day in a supercar, as a reward for good performance. Hiring a few supercars for a track day is a great way of boosting morale and helping to build a great atmosphere within your team.

Supercar Experiences - Aston Martin DB9 Hire

4. To Sell Your House:
As previously mentioned in this very blog, people have hired supercars to help make their property more appealing to buyers. According to a survey led by car rental company Avis, one in three people felt that having a supercar in their drive would increase the value of their property and make the area appear more affluent. We can certainly see how a Porsche rental or an Aston Martin DB9 could help achieve this.

5. Because You Can:
Supercars are fun. There is little doubt about this and it is no wonder that many people choose to rent a supercar simply to rediscover the joy of driving, which can be lost when constantly stuck in rush hour traffic. A Ferrari or Lamborghini tend to handle slightly differently to most of the cars out on the road, and nothing can top accelerating out into the countryside in your own supercar. Most importantly, a supercar hire deal is a lot more affordable than buying one outright – and makes the dream of driving one a possibility.

If you would like to hire a supercar for any of these reasons, or any other reason, contact us today on 0845 60 22 113 and we will help you find your dream vehicle.